Part of innovative projects delivered by ecom is co-founded from European Union funds.

How We Help

We respond to clients’ needs on the ground of modern technology with strong focus on business value delivery. team has over 15 years of success stories in IT, we are experienced with start-ups, mid-size and corporate business. Our portfolio consists of tailor-made solutions, platform implementations, system integration and infrastructure optimization projects.

Agile Software Development and DevOps

We are focused on achieving success for our clients, in constantly evolving functional and technical landscape, maintaining focus on the rapid delivery of business value. To make this possible we work according to a flexible and dynamic methodologies.


Sustainable Development & Disruptive Technology

Helping maintain your technology needs while enabling to capture new value from digital

Customer Lifecycle Management

Redesigning and insuring digital & omnichannel interaction on all touchpoints of your customer journey

Mobility & Digital Workplace

Rebuilding business processes and strategies, building digital culture through mobile and cloud solutions

Big Data & Analytics

Solutions discovering useful insights from hidden information stored in your rich data assets


Helping your organization to stay compliant with newest security trends and regulations


Cloud enablement, delivering infrastructure solutions that fit your business and ambition

Our Team multidisciplinary team is the foundation of our organization.
We aim to master an effective, agile way of working as our differentiator.

For you, as our Client and each of your projects, we build cross-functional agile team that has necessary knowledge, experience and profile to meet your business challenges

Our Services

We transform business needs on the ground of modern technology. We are a multidisciplinary team of experts in software architecture, cloud, programming, security, user experience, data and consulting. We guarantee a comprehensive implementation of each project.

Agile Project Management

Value-driven approach allowing delivering high-priority, high-quality work

Consulting & Digital Lab

Business and IT perspective advisory for existing and new business, LOB, products, tools and processes

Redesigning IT Architecture

Designing and delivering IT infrastructure tailored to your needs and challenges

Programming & Development

Delivering innovative solutions based on Microsoft .NET and Java

IT Support & Maintenance

Looking after your IT assets

Front-end & UX

Assuring best user experience through design and functionality

How we work

Current “need for speed” and time to market, caused by rapidly changing digital economy, is constantly reinventing the business world and software delivery. We believe that Agile and DevOps became core competencies. That’s why we use iterative approach, dividing project into sprints series, delivering requirements to the client incrementally, assuring value and business benefits earlier in the lifecycle. This approach ensures the best and fastest way to create solutions tailored to the ever-changing market environment and requirements of our customers.

What you gain

The iterative nature of our approach means progress can be measured more clearly. Less time is spent upfront defining requirements, that are high likely to change over time. Our teams are working more closely and collaboratively with clients assuring flexible and rapid respond to change.


Thanks to flexibility in our agile delivery we can adapt to your changes, new requirements, deadlines and budgets, mitigating the project risk. When for the market, such dynamics, still remain quite exceptional, for us this is normality.

Continuous software delivery

We deliver business value, not just another unrelated functionality. Each sprint means releasing every week or two new major modules that can effectively pursue their goals.

Faster delivery of features

We are characterized by a short “time-to-market”, which means quick mobilization of our team and the willingness to take on new tasks, efficient and timely delivery of the next version of the system, the immediate response to suggestions and new requirements.

Progress Visibility

The iterative nature of agile means progress can be measured more clearly and regularly against delivered requirements at the end of each sprint, making delivery assurance easier.

Who we are

We are ambitious, dynamic and creative multidisciplinar team of IT and business professionals experienced with start-ups, mid-size and corporate business. We know, that what we deliver in Disruptive Technology world is a piece of your bigger business goal. is a partner who wants to provide you with necessary tools to achieve what your organization has strategically planned. That is why we have created Value Driven Development model.


top notch experts

15 years

of success stories


certificates and exams

We rely on a committed team, technical and business competences, experience and efficiency. hires only the best, with confirmed skills and a focus on results. We want to be a special unit among technology companies, we undertake even the most difficult challenges and deliver what is required.

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Zwinne techniki dostarczania oprogramowania – Agile Architecture

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Wybór Product Ownera i Senior Developerów do projektu.

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