How we work

The current “need for speed” and time to market, caused by the rapidly changing digital economy, is continuously reinventing the business world and software delivery. We believe that Agile and DevOps became core competencies. That’s why we use an iterative approach, dividing a project into sprints series, delivering requirements to the Client incrementally, assuring value and business benefits earlier in the lifecycle. This approach ensures the best and fastest way to create solutions tailored to our customers’ ever-changing market environment and requirements.

process scrum

What you gain

The iterative nature of our approach means progress can be measured more clearly. Less time is spent upfront defining requirements that are likely to change over time. Our teams are working more closely and collaboratively with clients assuring flexible and rapid response to change.



Thanks to flexibility in our agile delivery, we can adapt to your changes, new requirements, deadlines, and budgets, mitigating the project risk.

widoczność postępu

Progress Visibility

The iterative nature of agile means progress can be measured more clearly and regularly against delivered requirements at the end of each sprint, making delivery assurance easier.

szybkie dostarczanie

Faster delivery

We are characterized by a short “time-to-market”, which means quick mobilization of our team and the willingness to take on new tasks, efficient and timely delivery of the next version of the system, the immediate response to suggestions and new requirements.

dostarczanie oprogramowania

Continuous software delivery

We deliver business value, not just another unrelated functionality. Each sprint means releasing every week or two new significant modules that can effectively pursue their goals.

Case studies

CUK Ubezpieczenia

Mulifunctional Insuarance Center CUK Ubezpieczenia is the largest insurance multi-agency in Poland operating on the market for almost two decades.

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