Why you should use fakes instead of mocks

Introduction Can you imagine unit tests without a test doubles? How would you test your components in isolation if there were no mocks, stubs, etc.? Modern test frameworks provide variety of choices in this area. Choosing one of them is not a trivial decision, it can determine general approach to unit testing in our project. So […]

Better unit tests with TypeScript

In my previous post I’ve talked a little about my experience with TypeScript and why I think you should give it a try. It was a very brief and overall summary of everyday work with TS. Now I would like to focus more on one specific area in which TypeScript is especially beneficial to me – unit […]

After two years with TypeScript – was it worth it?

Almost two years ago I started a new greenfield project in a small agile team. Microservices, docker, react, redux, all that fancy stuff. I had some experience with similar front-end technologies, because I had spent the previous year on a pretty big react application written by over 20 front-end developers. It was quite challenging for […]